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Enhances the aerodynamics of a trailer.
Fuel economy improvement.
Panels are lightweight and extremely damage resistant.
Reduces wear on truck engine.
Fast and easy to install and maintain.
Compatible  with all trailer models. Custom orders available



Whether  you have a small or large fleet of trucks, trailers, vans or cars – a real-time tracking will give you up to the minute speed and location. With real-time tracking you will reduce your operating costs and increase productivity. You can track your drivers and follow their moves and keep track of the equipment on the road. 
You can run reports on each of your equipment, you can keep track of your drivers hours of service.



Our trailers are available for your company. Store your products on secure trailers and have them dispatched at any given time.

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Aerodynamic wheel covers

Help reduce air resistance Improve fuel efficiency Wind cheating Easy to install

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We provide fast and reliable roadside service for all makes and models of light, medium and heavy duty vehicles.

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To get more information on our available equipment for sale - give us a call or stop by our office for details.

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